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Reef’s featured in “A Traveler’s Guide to Park City, Utah’s Snow Season” on 7×7Posted March 27, 2012 by admin. Filed under Blog, news

Reef’s was featured in 7×7’s “A Traveler’s Guide to Park City, Utah’s Snow Season” as one of the best places to dine in Park City. Click here to read the full article.

Eat + Drink

There is a plethora of restaurants, bars, and resort lounges packed into this small town and its surrounding communities. Main Street is lined with everything from bistros and sushi bars to dive bars and breweries, and the mountaintop resorts each house their own extravagant restaurants. Foodies can expect to see local meats and artisan ingredients on menus, and wine lovers will enjoy impressive wine lists.

Our top picks are River Horse (fusion steak and seafood) and Reef’s (Mediterranean), due as much to the local families that own and operate them as the flavorful and creative cuisine they cook up. Slopes, at the Waldorf Astoria, was my favorite of the resort restaurants but Farm and the J&G Grill (they’ve got a stellar Bloody Mary) are also noteworthy. Taliskar on Main is the most famous restaurant in town.”

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Commitment to Hormone-Free and Sustainable ProteinsPosted March 19, 2012 by admin. Filed under Blog

Did you know that all of the meats, poultry, and fish served at Reef’s are hormone-free and sustainably sourced? By selectively choosing his ingredients, Chef Asi Yoked believes that from both a taste and health perspective, these are much better products. “If you’re a restaurant and proud of your food—you have to have the best ingredients” explains Chef Asi.

One popular example is the Reef Burger, with a house blend of lamb & beef with Swiss gruyere & sweet chili aioli on ciabbatta bread and frites.

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