Reef Yoked

At the age of four months, Reef decided he wanted to own a restaurant in Park City where his paternal grand parents lived.  Using his unyielding talent, he convinced his parents Tali and Asi to move to Park City to make his dream come true.

Currently six years old, Reef  serves as the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) – frequently tasting the food (except for alcoholic beverages) to make sure it is up to par with his father’s stringent standards.

Asi Yoked

Asi Yoked is Reef’s owner and chef.  Reef’s is the culmination of Asi’s dream and determination to establish a restaurant that offers high quality and delicious food, surrounded by an atmosphere of warm and inviting vibes.

Asi grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel and it is here where Asi learned to appreciate and respect the incredibly rich cuisine of the Mediterranean.  After serving in the Israeli Army, Asi moved to the United States.  Living in places like Colorado and Florida, Asi developed a deep connection with nature and an understanding of the environment that has enriched his knowledge of the culinary arts.  His passion for selecting the finest ingredients derives from this connection and understanding of the earth.

In 2005, Asi relocated to Park City with his wife Tali and son Reef and opened the original Reef’s Kitchen in September 2005.  After great success at the original location, Asi decided to expand and move Reef’s to its current location on Main Street.