Guest Artist

Winter 2011/12

Jonathan Glass

Direct observation is foremost to me. There is an immediacy that occurs when working from live models and musicians performing live.  My current work in the jazz realm is an extension of what I do in the studio only the subject is constantly moving.  But, like the impressionists I am not after an exact likeness, more importantly is the vibe that each musician creates.  I hope that my art is a reflection of that.

I want to expand my body of work into a unique combination of portraits that embody the subjects in their moment. The live sketches are a free form method that I do during performances.  The music is a major element of determining how the drawings look,  as I am a student of music and the vocabulary of the subjects is of utmost importance to me.  In this way I feel I respect the music on a level of appreciation beyond simply recording visually.

My inspiration comes from the masters of painting that I look up to; Chaim Soutine, David Stone Martin, and Alice Neel.
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